Guaranteed sale
from day one.

We pay you to list your home.
If we can't sell it, we'll buy it.

- Rated Excellent

We only make money
when you do.

Felix lists your home for an agreed upon price. We make up to 3% if we can sell it for more.
We’ll pay you up to 2% just for listing with us and your home will sell in 90 days or less.

Guaranteed sale

If we can't sell your house in
90 days, we'll buy it.

Get paid to list

We give you up to 2% of
your home's value today.

The highest price

A new incentive structure so we
only make money when you do.

See how much
Felix will pay you

Get up to 2% of your home’s value for listing with Felix.
Take a vacation, imrpove your next home, or buy that new car.

We Pay You


Total Earnings


Your Home's Value


Traditional Agent

Traditional agents charges you a 3% commission with no guarantee your home will sell. If they don't reduce the price of your home, you'll earn


Your Earnings


Agent Commission

Felix guarantees you $487,000 and we'll give you up to 2% of it today. We only earn up to 3% if we can sell it for more.


Your Earnings

$0 - 14,406

Felix's Earnings


Everything you’d expect from a
top broker except the commission.

  • Guaranteed sale
    so you can move on check

  • Aligned commission structure check

  • One time negotiation.
    No price reductions. check

  • Upfront payment when
    you list your home check

  • Tech-enabled process
    for quick closing. check

Traditional Agent

  • Uncertain closing with
    no sale guaranteed clear

  • Standard 6%
    commmission structure. clear

  • Constant negotiation
    and price reductions clear

  • Traditional agents have
    no skin in the game clear

  • Long and tedious
    closing process clear

Selling your home
made easy.

Request a free home estimate and receive an offer within a few days.

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Felix pays you
to list you home

If you accept our offer, we will pay you
up to 2% today just to list your home.

Felix helps you find
your next home

Armed with your Felix Guarantee
and upfront payment, you can start shopping for your new home with our home buying experts.

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Felix finds a buyer
for your home

We find a buyer within 90 days
and sell your home for the highest price.

Our Felix guarantee

If we can't find a buyer within 90 days,
we'll buy your home ourselves.

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Let's get started.